Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remember that one time I was all, "I'm going to BLOG!"  Yeah, me too.  
I really like the idea of doing a blog, but as with many things in my life, it's the getting around to the doing of it that always trips me up.

Fall quarter is just about over, so I'm going to try to post during that time, in hopes of getting in the habit.

My writing class was a bit disappointing - not so challenging and not enough writing.  But I got a few good things out of it:
  • a good start on an essay about the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival and the exclusion of trans women from queer women's spaces/community.  I really want to continue working on this and put it out to the public in some way eventually
  • an invitation from one of my professors to write a short article for the Evening Weekend Studies circular, with a distribution of about 50,000.  It was nice to be recognized and invited, and it's nice to have something professional to start building a portfolio.  And I get a $25 gift card to the on-campus store and some sort of fancy thank-you letter from the Dean.
  • a few new friends, connections to smart, nice people.
  • more confidence in my existing writing skills and a desire to further them
  • the knowledge that I want to focus my studies on more theoretical and academic learning
I'm hoping to get into a sociolinguistics class for next quarter, and a 2-credit writing class with Rebecca Brown (!).  And it looks like I'll be doing an independent study on passing and invisibility spring quarter.

My personal life has been up and down, with a lot of down.  There's work to be done and I'm doing some of that work.  So yay me, I guess.

Look for a rant or two soon...

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