Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My friend Trevor introduced me to a brilliant little thing called the interrobang (‽), which I am now in love with.  While poking around on the internets for more info on it, I found this, which is also brilliant.

We decided to call it a "deedge." - a pretty decent news story on the failure of the DREAM Act...this time. - a succinct post on those who voted for the repeal of DADT while also voting against the DREAM act - not so recent, but important and well-outlined by CL Minou - "So now what do we do, because we obviously can’t take a black woman’s story of violence seriously? Well, that’s simple.  We marginalize the attack and focus the story on her brother, whose anger we can exploit because it fits into stereotypes of queer masculinity that provide comic relief. " - Hipsters, explained.  No, really. - "But QEJ believes military service is not economic justice, and it is immoral that the military is the nation’s de facto jobs program for poor and working-class people."

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